5 Things to Avoid When Choosing and Using a Breast Pump

Breast Pumps have been around for years, but there are some things you need to avoid when deciding on the usage.  There may be some other issues but, at least this gives you a head start in finding out what is best for you.  

Here are 5 things to avoid when choosing and using a breast pump.

  1. BPA – Make sure it is BPA free. Bisphenol A is a chemical found in some plastic products which can/may affect the health of your child.  Most companies are very aware of this issue and their products are made by specific guidelines.  It is up to you to read the product instructions and ask questions to make sure it is BPA free.
  2. Spillage/leakage of breast milk during extraction – Leakage of breast milk due to improperly fitting shield or improper positioning. Check that you are sitting properly and the shield is aligned to your nipples correctly with a good suction.
  3. Sore or chaffing nipples – This occurs due to improper cleansing or positioning. Give care to your nipples after each use to avoid this issue. Cleanse with clear water and use your breast milk as a lubricant or apply nipple cream as directed by doctor, if needed.  Do not scrub the breast this causes further soreness or pain.  Be sure to extract regularly to prevent clogged ducts.
  4. Frustration or giving up – Some mothers become so impatient or they are in such a hurry if the results of pumping is not what they want. You are not going to get gallons at a time.  Sometimes, it’s just a few drops or teaspoonful, but that is a very valuable source of nutrient for your baby.  Be very proud. If you don’t have any breast milk or colostrum when you express manually with your hands, keep trying. Stimulation with the breast pump will usually yield a satisfied reward.
  5. Stress or tired – Make sure you get plenty of rest and relieve stress by meditating or just taking some “silent or me time”  for yourself.

When using a breast pump it is best to do some reading to avoid the above…

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